Wire Magazine Issue 471

Wire Magazine Issue 471

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Release Date: May 2023

Issue 471

Inside the issue:

Dave Lombardo
: The former Slayer drummer and frequent collaborator unveils his solo drumming debut. By Phil Freeman

Invisible JukeboxLaura Ortman:The White Mountain Apache violinist passes The Wire’s mystery record test. Tested by Laina Dawes

Once Upon A Time In San Diego: At the dawn of the 1990s, an underdog punk scene stirred in southern California. By Tony Rettman

Paul Dunmall: Former hippy and ardent woodworker Paul Dunmall is the wildcard of UK free music. By Clive Bell

Luciano Maggiore: Everyday life provides inspiration for the Italian performance artist. By Edward Henderson

Unlimited Editions: WV Sorcerer Productions

Unofficial Channels: Doom & Gloom From The Tomb

Dwight Trible: US jazz vocalist aims low. By Brian Morton

Alison Cotton: Folk for freedom. By Abi Bliss

PoiL Ueda: Chants are a fine thing for the French-Japanese prog ensemble. By JR Moores

Global Ear: Ho Chi Minh City: Wild weekends in Vietnam’s largest city. By Mike Steyels

The Inner Sleeve: Karl O’Connor aka Regis on The Wolfgang Press’s Bird Wood Cage

Epiphanies: Verity Susman finds childhood solidarity with Woodcraft Folk’s anti- apartheid protest songs