Beach House - Teen Dream Deluxe CD/DVD

Beach House - Teen Dream Deluxe CD/DVD

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Release Date: 26 January 2010

"It’d be almost guilt-free to call this a perfect record – of all the bands who put an ear up to the chest and channel heartbreak, no-one coats it in gold and jewels like Beach House do." - NME

"This is both the most diverse and most listenable of their three full-lengths, and yet it never seems like a compromise. It feels like the product of careful, thoughtful growth, bringing in new influences-- bits of mid-1970s Fleetwood Mac, sparkling indie pop, even a few soul and gospel touches--- while maintaining the group's core sound. Teen Dream is a stirring reminder that good things can happen when you move out of your comfort zone."

Limited deluxe CD edition includes bonus DVD containing a video for every song on the album, each by a different director. We've been told it is the NTSC format. Details below. 

DVD-1 Used To Be
Artwork [Animator] – Britta JohnsonFilm Director – Sean PecknoldFilm Director [Ad] – Tristan SeniukOther [Animator] – Sean POther [Model] – Marissa Dyrcz
DVD-2 Better Times
Film Director, Video Editor – Jon Leone
DVD-3 Walk In The Park
Film Director, Video Editor, Film Producer, Other [Cinematography] – Allen CordellOther [Production Manager] – Temperance DavidOther [Starring] – Isabelle Jusseaume, Laurie Isabella, Pearl, Peter David, Robert Dolan
DVD-4 Zebra
Film Director – Mark Brown (12)
DVD-5 10 Mile Stereo
Film Director – Kari Altmann
DVD-6 Silver Soul
Film Director, Video Editor – Victoria LegrandOther [Cinematography] – Alistair LegrandOther [Souls/hulas] – Amy Longcrier, Chiara Keeling, Elena Johnston, Meredith Robinson, Monique Crabb, Tara Megos
DVD-7 Lover Of Mine
Film Director – Sean HoneyOther [Make-up] – Michael CohenOther [Props] – Daniel CapiroPhotography By [Still] – Monique Crabb
DVD-8 Norway
Film Director – Alan ResnickBenjamin BeastErin Gleeson
DVD-9 Real Love
Film Director, Video Editor – Matt Amato
DVD-10 Take Care
Film Director – Kevin Drew & Co.Other [Post And Fx] – J. Lee WilliamsVideo Editor – Lake Higginson