Ivor Raymonde - Odyssey (The Sound of Ivor Raymonde Vol II) LP

Ivor Raymonde - Odyssey (The Sound of Ivor Raymonde Vol II) LP

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Release Date: 6 December 2019

  1. Little By Little - Dusty Springfield
  2. Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear - Alan Price Set
  3. Brand New Baby - Los Bravos
  4. Don’t Ask Me To Mend A Broken Heart - The Eyes Of Blue 
  5. Wearing A Smile - The Chants
  6. That Other Place - Susan Maughan
  7. The Way You Love - Kathy Kirby
  8. Blackness Of The Light - Cat Stevens
  9. Odyssey - Paul Slade
  10. Tower of Strength - Frankie Vaughan
  11. Time To Say Goodnight - The Martells
  12. Please Stay - The Cryin’ Shames
  13. Pretty Paper - Roy Orbison
  14. Swinging’ Low - The Outlaws
  15. Chain Cang - Ronnie Carroll
  16. From Me To You - Del Shannon
  17. Loo-Be-Loo - the Chucks
  18. Tequila ’68 - Ole Jose And The Golden Leaves
  19. Memories Of Missy - Rogues
  20. Endless Sleep - Marty Wilde and His Wildcats
  21. Thursday Morning - Giles, Giles & Fripp
  22. Michael Hannah - Twinkle
  23. Girl In The Mirror - Christopher Colt
  24. I Feel Lucky Tonight - The Stylistics
  25. Where’s The Girl - The Walker Brothers


Odyssey has been compiled by Ivor’s son Simon Raymonde with author, journalist and music historian Kieron Tyler. Simon explains that: “The research Kieron and I did for Paradise showed us that there was still an extremely rich seam of his music to be uncovered. A follow-up volume was increasingly inevitable.”


Simon explains: “Since the release of Paradise the love of Dad’s life and my dear mum Nita passed away. I thought it fitting that the cover reflects the huge influence this woman had on him. So often, as was society’s norm in the ’50s and ’60s, the woman behind the scenes rarely got a mention. She raised four children while he made his way in the rapidly changing music business, and definitely helped keep his feet on the ground. Using this beautiful photo of Mum as a cover for Odyssey: The Sound Of Ivor Raymonde Vol II redresses the balance a little. He kept it perched on top of his upright walnut Kemble piano in his study and while Mum took it down when he died, thankfully she put it away somewhere safe. It’s certainly a peculiar and unsettling feeling to be left with no parents to turn to, to call, to rely on, and perhaps this emptiness lead me into such a deep period of soul mining.”