The Flaming Lips - King's Mouth CD (SIGNED)

The Flaming Lips - King's Mouth CD (SIGNED)

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Release Date: 19 July 2019


  • The CD booklets have been signed by Wayne Coyne 
  • Some signatures may have slight smudges due to the way they were stored - we will not be refunding on this basis
  • ONE signed CD or LP PER CUSTOMER - multiple orders will be canceled immediately



About the vision, Coyne wrote: “The King’s Mouth immersive/child-like qualities are born from the same spark and womb as The Flaming Lips live performances. The King’s Mouth adventure was made for humans of all sizes, ages, cultures, and religions.”

"King’s Mouth reminds us that Coyne can draw poignancy and pathos from the strangest sources. On King’s Mouth he voices the title character’s inner thoughts from birth to afterlife, steering the cosmic lullaby “Giant Baby” from Jones’ quizzical observations about the difficulties of sourcing oversized toys into a somber rumination on losing a parent." - Pitchfork

"There’s little connection to the contemporary alt-pop world: The Flaming Lips float above and outside our dimension, in a bubble all their own. And after a decade of dark shades, it’s finally glowing primary colours again." - NME