Fiona Brice -  Postcards From CD

Fiona Brice - Postcards From CD

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Release Date: 3 June 2016


"Quietly announcing itself with the sunlit cascades of "Berlin," Fiona Brice's debut solo effort is a lovely collection of cinematic snapshots, each one inspired a different city. The veteran violinist and composer has already led an impressive career as a session player and arranger for everyone from Jay-Z to Vashti Bunyan. Her role as touring member and multi-instrumentalist sidewoman for British alt-rockers Placebo was one of her more constant and visible gigs of the 2000s." - Allmusic

"As the title suggests, the tunes within are framed as missives from around the world, and starting in Berlin, where you can almost hear the rain teeming down. Paris’s reverb-y piano teeters on the edge of its tuning, reminiscent of earlier Silver Mount Zion. The plodding darkness of Dallas hint at bad times in that particular burg. Antwerp, a city hitherto mostly unfettered by complimentary themes, is carried along by a moody cello line." - Thumped

"she paints a series of vignettes, each named for the place in which it was conceived: Berlin, Paris, Glastonbury. Often the piece consists of a motif, varied and modulated. Variation from track to track is subtle though, with many tending to fade into the background. Still, close listening reveals some nice surprises: there is an ominous thrum beneath the surface of Dallas, and Verona's five-note piano motif tugs then tears at the heartstrings." - The Music