Clarence Clarity - Who Am Eye EP

Clarence Clarity - Who Am Eye EP

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Release Date: 1 December 2014


"Last year, masked producer Clarence Clarity was merely an enigmatic presence on music blogs. Now the London producer has revealed his face and delivered this, his debut EP. Lead track ‘Those Who Can’t, Cheat’ is a surge of hyperactive, catchy future-funk with convulsive electronic breaks and Prince imitations." -

Customer testimonial: 

“who am eye?

clarence clarity saved me from the reptile cesspit

pulled me back to a surface eye didn’t recognise

this checkerboard landscape is an auto-refreshing infinity pool

the plastic feels amazing

glitching polygons knife-fight on the horizon

celebrity sex tapes cast inverted shadows across the storm cloud™

and in plato’s desert caves they spin a deep web

eye’m the melting face in the pixel avalanche

eye write a press release as a youtube commenting parasite

coz eye’m as 2D as u

eye’m clarence clarity”


Clarity is coming.