The Czars - Best Of CD

The Czars - Best Of CD

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Release Date: 9 December 2014




“Songs to break your heart and make you feel great about it... never a word out of place, never a note wasted, and a production so clean you can hear frozen teardrops melt”



"Relentlessly lovelorn and aching... a delicately haunting, gossamer-thin expression of shredded emotion”

(The Observer)


"Late Sixties, West Coast pop classicism is warped by subtleties of instrumentation, time signature, texture; Grant's voice...carries a sensibility of sardonically relished melancholy, errant lovers sending his soul to the slaughterhouse'



“Consistently inventive, profoundly moving, and never less than gorgeous... It’s high time it’screators stopped being Denver’s best-kept secret”

(The Guardian)