BC Camplight - The Last Rotation Of Earth LP (DINKED)

BC Camplight - The Last Rotation Of Earth LP (DINKED)

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Release Date: 12th May 2023

- Dinked Edition 239
- “The Doomsday Edition” 140g blue marble vinyl *
- “I’m Alright In The World” flexi disc (signed & hand numbered) *
- 4 panel pull out poster *
- Limited pressing of 700 *

One per customer

"The Last Rotation Of Earth shows BC Camplight at a new peak, both conceptually and compositionally. Though the album returns to dark humour in a new sonic setting, the themes and even the tone of his voice tell of newfound comfort in a kingdom of darkness and a deeper understanding of the human condition." - Far Out Magazine

"As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And this is pretty incredible lemonade. The subject matter might be dark, but the melodies make this pure, hook-laden pop. Finding influences from the last 60 years of popular music, every song honestly feels like its own self-contained masterpiece." - Loud and Quiet


"For all its thematic rawness, The Last Rotation of Earth is often lush. The melodies are instantly memorable. His honeyed voice is harmonious and warm. A love of doo-wop is evident. While glitchy stabs of electronica and rhythmic shifts disrupt the flow, the long-term correlation with Randy Newman remains apparent." - The Arts Desk