Will Stratton - The Changing Wilderness LP

Will Stratton - The Changing Wilderness LP

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Release date: 7 May 2021 


140g Light Blue Vinyl

Inner Sleeve with Lyrics

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Will Stratton’s rich catalogue is proof that the Hudson Valley folk musician thrives on exploration and reflection. Chart his trajectory over his previous six albums and you’ll find a songwriter not content to stay comfortable or do the same thing twice. From his 2007 debut What the Night Said, which he released aged 20, to 2014’s Gray Lodge Wisdom, a resilient and gorgeous LP which documented his bout with cancer, as well as 2017’s Rosewood Almanac, a de facto love-letter to song-writing, his guitar, and his favourite records, the subtle but sizable tweaks to his process, arranging, and writing have been revelations. “I’ve always tried to make the process of making music as much of a source of pleasure and exploration as possible,” says Stratton. So it’s no surprise that The Changing Wilderness, his resonant and clear-eyed seventh album, pushes him to expansive new heights again. 


“Having over the past 13 years sought to locate a stylistic mid-point somewhere between Jackson Browne and Nick Drake, Will Stratton has developed a musical character pretty much all his own... An album that sustains a beautiful atmosphere throughout.” MOJO – 4 stars ****


“Haunting and evocative... There’s an aching beauty to the major-to-minor chord changes on ‘Infertile Air’ while ‘The Rain’ is simply breathtaking.” Uncut – 8/10


“A singer-songwriter of pure class and quality... If deft fingerstyle guitar with warm vocals and thought-provoking lyrics are your thing then you are in for a real treat with The Changing Wilderness... The songs deal with current world issues, invoking the spirit of greats such as Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake... Wonderful.” Guitarist – 8/10