Emmy the Great  - April 月音 CD

Emmy the Great - April 月音 CD

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Release Date: 9 October 2020


"Lush and exploratory, April / 月音 swirls Cantonese vocals, singing bowls, and samples of Hong Kong traffic lights into Moss's folk-pop, and is all the more stirring for never really finding a safe resting place." - The Guardian

"it’s understated melodies and melancholy laced lyrics still have the power to stop you in your tracks." - Clash

"These chronicles surface in an ethereal, dream-like fashion across the LP’s 10 tracks illustrated with singing bowls, prayer bells and Buddhist percussion picked up on her way. The lyrics reverberate with the doe-eyed language often employed in folk tales" - DIY

"April / 月音 is, at its heart, a moving catalogue of stories about every-day life; some focussed on minor irritations, others on the tumultuous shifts of an entire country in motion." - Line Of Best Fit