The Flaming Lips - American Head LP (Signed Print + Double Black Vinyl)

The Flaming Lips - American Head LP (Signed Print + Double Black Vinyl)

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Release Date: 11 Sept 2020


Includes Cover Art Print signed by Wayne Coyne




American head finds the flaming lips basking in more reflective lyrical places as Wayne Coyne explains in a long form story about the album. Excerpt below:


“Even though the flaming lips are from Oklahoma we never thought of ourselves as an American band. I know growing up (when I was like 6 or 7 years old) in Oklahoma I was never influenced by, or was very aware of any musicians from Oklahoma. We mostly listened to the Beatles and my mother loved Tom Jones (this is in the 60’s)... It wasn’t till I was about 10 or 11 that my older brothers would know a few of the local musician dudes.


So... For most of our musical life we’ve kind of thought of ourselves as coming from ‘Earth’... Not really caring where we were actually from. So for the first time in our musical life we began to think of ourselves as ‘an American band’… telling ourselves that it would be our identity for our next creative adventure. We had become a 7-piece ensemble and were beginning to feel more and more of a kinship with groups that have a lot of members in them. We started to think of classic American bands like the grateful dead and Parliament-Funkadelic and how maybe we could embrace this new vibe.


The music and songs that make up the American Head album are based in a feeling. A feeling that, I think, can only be expressed through music and songs. We were, while creating it, trying to not hear it as sounds... But to feel it. Mother’s sacrifice, father’s intensity, brother’s insanity, sister’s rebellion...I can’t quite put it into words.


Something switches and others (your brothers and sisters and mother and father...Your pets) start to become more important to you…in the beginning there is only you... And your desires are all that you can care about...But... Something switches.. I think all of these songs are about this little switch.” 




“Their best album since their 1999 masterpiece The Soft Bulletin… a dreamy, richly melodic take on psychedelic rock, there is a luxurious Beatles-esque quality throughout… A nostalgic classic.”

The Times – 5 stars *****


“A stately new sound melding the electronics and acoustic guitars of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots with the widescreen textures of Americana… American Head finds Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd examining the nature of family, love, death and nostalgia with sincerity and tenderness.” Uncut – 9/10


“A superb album… American Head reconnects fans with the magic that Coyne and co were once synonymous with… Imbued with nostalgia, sadness and love, the 13 tracks glory in melodies, textures and lyrics that nestle in your heart and refuse to leave.” Sunday Times (Album of the Week)


“This is The Flaming Lips’ singular vision… a cosmic trip characterised by beseeching vocals, burnished guitar, twinkling keyboards, epic drum fills and 70s symphonic pop swell.”

The i – 4 stars **** (Album of the Week)


“A classic… Clear, iridescent songs, full of intimate details… Breathe it in.” MOJO – 4 stars ****


“American Head soars with an easy, confident majesty… This is a return to grandiose, golden form.” Shindig – 5 stars *****


“A lush collection… The Flaming Lips seem to be accelerating into their later career rather than slowing down.” Evening Standard – 4 stars ****


“The quality is maintained throughout… American Head is powerfully and affectingly bittersweet.” Financial Times – 4 stars ****


“This sublime album might just be their best since The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi… Dreamy, fluid arrangements frame Coyne’s ethereal vocals… A band to cherish.” The Sun – 4.5/5 ****


“Terrific… The dreamy soundscapes, melodies and psychedelic cascades are here in full.” Daily Mirror – 4 stars ****


“One of their loveliest records – wistful, full of wonder and melancholic longing.” Metro – 4 stars ****


“Their best record since The Soft Bulletin… There are some beautiful melodies drifting in and out of songs like ‘Mother Please Don’t Be Sad, Assassins Of Youth and the truly stellar, transportive Flowers Of Neptune 6.” HiFi Choice – 5 stars *****


“Original and emotionally resonant, there’s a wistful, dreamy nostalgia to these songs that is instantly irresistible… They’ve rediscovered the big, tuneful heart in their chests. And you’ll be only too happy to hear it beating.” PROG


“A beatific melancholy envelops American Head… A crystalline classic.” Classic Rock – 8/10


“They continue to surprise and enchant.” The Wire


“Coyne and co have once again found another plane of existence.” Record Collector – 4 stars ****


“Compelling stuff… Coyne’s most personal and earnest yet.” DIY